Deodorant stick or paste? – the great debate

Deodorant stick or paste? – the great debate

Applying deodorant is a critical part of your daily routine. Noone wants to be that guy or girl that you regularly catch a whiff of as you wander down the corridor at work, or when you are stuck in a crowded room or office. An effective deodorant eliminates odour by altering your skin's pH and neutralising the bacteria that is responsible for creating an unpleasant smell.

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Choosing the brand of deodorant to administer is an extremely personal decision. Every individual has a different need depending on how much you sweat, smell, your preferred scent and what works best for your lifestyle. What a brand stands for, the ingredients they use, and even the packaging can all form part of your decision matrix. Even when you have selected your preferred brand, there are further questions. Do you want a spray, a roll on, a traditional stick deodorant or even a deodorant paste or cream. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose.

Products come in a variety of formulas and consistencies. You need a deodorant that keeps you dry, comfortable, and smelling fresh all day long. A good deodorant will prevent body odour, address the build up bacteria, and will also provide gentle skincare - moisturising and protecting delicate underarm - so you can bare your arms with confidence.

The purpose of this review is to compare and contrast two specific varieties of natural deodorant – the deodorant stick and the deodorant paste (or cream if you like).

Why have we selected just these two options you might ask? Primarily because they are the specific options that we offer at Lone Kauri – and because they are our preferred choices. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each and try to help you with your decision making.

Some deodorant sticks and pastes have vastly different formulations. Fundamentally, Lone Kauri natural deodorants follow the same proven formula with the same active deodorising ingredients. Both include arrowroot powder, a natural antiperspirant, and shea butter to help nourish and protect underarm skin. Coconut oil is known for its antibacterial characteristics and, along with baking soda, helps neutralise odour. Diatomaceous Earth is a highly absorbent material that can also eradicate bad smells.

The key difference between our sticks and pastes is that the stick is slightly waxier, courtesy of NZ beeswax - which maintains firmness and makes the product more resistant to temperature changes. Neither deodorant products include harsh chemicals and alcohols and they do not leave unsightly marks on clothing or armpits.

Lets look at a few of the pros and cons of the sticks and pastes so you decide for yourself which option to purchase the next time you need to change up your daily routine.

Lone Kauri Natural Deodorant Sticks 

- Firmer and drier than paste
- Opaque and smooth formula 
- Quick and smooth application
- Dries faster that a deodorant paste
- Effective in fighting underarm odour - lasts all day with one application
- Compact size
- Superior for travel – pop it in your bag and go irrespective of the temperature of your destination
- Comes in a compostable or recyclable tube


Lone Kauri Deodorant Paste

- Effective in fighting underarm odour - lasts all day with one application
- Tends to last longer than a deodorant stick - only a small amount is needed when applying
- Quick and smooth application - however, some people prefer not to touch their armpits
- Fully recyclable tin - not cardboard
- Compact size
- Can melt in hot climates or if left in direct sunlight - requiring refrigeration to return to normal 

Selecting the right deodorant really is a “horses for courses” approach. If you twisted my arm to make a decision I would always opt for a deodorant paste. However, I always have a deodorant stick on hand for travel, camping and the warmer months.

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