Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a natural deodorant?

Our luscious handmade deodorant paste provides effective all-day protection from odour using only natural ingredients. The products do not contain nasty chemicals used in traditional anti-perspirants such as aluminium, parabens and sulphates that plug your sweat glands and can prevent toxins being expelled from your body. Natural deodorants eliminate and prevent odour causing bacteria from forming while allowing you to sweat naturally.

Will natural deodorant stop me from sweating?
No. Sweating is natural. It removes toxins and regulates body temperature. Instead of blocking your pores to prevent your body’s natural functions from occurring, our natural deodorant eliminates the moisture and bacteria that are the real culprits causing body odour. You will continue to sweat normally. Some people experience a “detox phase” where they are a little sweatier and smellier when they first swap out aluminium-laden, pore-clogging anti-perspirant for a natural alternative. This can last a couple of weeks and is part of your body and sweat glands coming back into balance.

What ingredients do you use?
Arrowroot powder, shea butter (certified organic), coconut oil (certified organic), sweet almond oil, baking soda, beeswax, diatomaceous earth and essential oils.

Where are your products made?
Our products are all hand made in beautiful Aotearoa / New Zealand.

How do I use it?
After showering, apply a small amount under each arm with your fingers. A little goes a long way. 

How should I store the deodorant?
Store the deodorant in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. If the deodorant is exposed to high temperatures it may soften or melt. Place the deodorant in the fridge for an hour or so to set. If the deodorant paste ingredients separate give the tin a quick stir with a clean dry utensil before putting them in the fridge.

Do I need to "detox"?
Some people find that after using pore-clogging anti-perspirants for a long period of time they experience a “detox phase” when they change to a more natural solution. It can take a couple of weeks for your body to fully adjust to the clean natural deodorant and you might be a little sweatier and smellier for a few days. Don’t worry, this is just your body and sweat glands coming back into balance.  

The deodorant is irritating my skin, why?
Even with 100% natural products, some sensitive skin types can become irritated. Typically, this is caused by a lack of tolerance for sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). Sodium bicarbonate is a mineral salt and an effective antibacterial. However, it is slightly alkaline and can affect skin pH. If irritation occurs discontinue use. Do not apply to broken skin. Check out our list of ingredients above (or on the back of the tin) before use for known allergies or sensitivities.

Can I apply the deodorant after shaving?
Post shaving is when your skin is at its most sensitive. If you tend to have sore underarms following shaving, you might want to hold off for a few hours as it may cause irritation. Do not apply to broken skin.

How much does shipping cost?
Free shipping is available worldwide on our family pack or for purchases over $75. Otherwise, shipping is based on your location. Add your items to the basket and head to checkout to calculate your shipping costs.

Can I subscribe to receive a regular delivery?
Subscriptions are not currently available. We will let you know when this service resumes in the near future.

I want to become a retailer.
Great. Flick us a message through our contact form or email chat(at) and we will be in touch.