• More choice: Introducing our brand-new deodorant sticks

    You asked, we listened. Over the past few months, we’ve had a growing number of requests to add a natural deodorant stick to our range.  Not wanting to disappoint, we’ve been quietly working away behind the scenes, and are excited to bring you our brand new product.

  • 2-Minute Trails: Te Henga Walkway

    A spectacular day walk just 37km from downtown Auckland, part of The Hillary Trail that connects existing trails in the Waitakere Ranges. Follow coastal cliffs with spectacular views over Auckland's wild west coast. The relatively easy walking track is 10.3km long from Bethells Road to just south of Muriwai.
  • 3 reasons to try a natural deodorant

    Have you always used the same deodorant? When you find a scent that you like, it is sometimes just easiest to just stick with the status quo. No wandering the aisles of the supermarket looking for inspiration, no more trial and error. But have you ever flipped over the bottle or spray can and actually had a look at what is in your favourite anti-perspirant? 

  • Everything you need to know about Kauri Dieback

    New Zealand’s native Kauri tree is enduring its own life-threatening illness. Like Covid-19, the origins of Kauri dieback remain uncertain. Though, unlike Covid-19, Kauri trees that contract the soil-borne disease face certain death with a 100% mortality rate. Kauri dieback is threatening the survival of New Zealand’s largest (by volume) tree species. The iconic coniferous Kauri is among the most ancient in the world and considered a Taonga by Māori.
  • The science behind armpit stains

    It’s been a scorcher of a summer.  If you’ve managed a sneaky beach getaway then the glorious weather and abnormally warm oceans have probably been a blessing. Unfortunately, the holiday season must end and, for most of us, February is the month where we are back, fully entrenched in work, school or university. This is when enthusiasm for sizzling summer temperatures can quickly start to fade.
  • Why can’t I smell my own body odour?

    Everyone has that friend that smells. Perhaps not all the time, but they are the first to become a bit “whiffy” after a long day at work, physical exertion, or perhaps during a period of heightened stress. You might know someone who has a persistent odour, despite the fact they are seemingly clean, hygienic, and are not accustomed to wearing their favourite shirt for twelve days straight.
  • Detoxifying armpits - Is antiperspirant really that bad for you?

    If you are on our website examining natural deodorants, then chances are you have heard the claim that the chemicals in some antiperspirants and deodorants can be hazardous to your health. Rumour has it that these substances can produce a greater risk of breast cancer, Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia. But is there any truth to these allegations? 
  • Let's talk about sweat, baby...

    You are probably sweating right now… even if you don’t know it. We all sweat. Well most of us anyway. There is a condition called Anhidrosis, which is the inability to sweat normally, that is usually caused by damage or pathology of the nervous system. Aside from this small afflicted group, we all sweat. Even Prince Andrew, I imagine.  
  • Samoa Surfing… An Insider’s Guide

    On 11 April 2015, I embarked upon an extended pacific island getaway. Fed up with the 9-5 grind, I handed in my notice and set sail (by plane…) to Apia, Samoa with my young family. The attraction of a six-month sabbatical to a pacific island is self-evident – year-round sunshine, temperatures that rarely drop below 27 degrees Celsius, a laid-back culture… and of course great surf.

  • The Best New Zealand Beaches to Visit this Winter

    It's Mid-June. We’ve just been hit by a polar blast and there is another dose just around the corner. Winter has only just begun, but the days are gloomily short, and summer at the beach seems but a distant memory. How will we survive the next six months cooped up indoors until the mercury begins to rise...
  • Surfing: Seven of the Best Right-Handers in NZ

    As I’m sure most of you are aware, Aotearoa is the Māori name for New Zealand. The common translation is "the land of the long white cloud". But on occasion, you may hear surfers refer to Aotearoa with an alternative translation - the land of the long wide lefts. This is of course due to our island nation’s abundance of left-hand point breaks. NZ really is goofy foot heaven.
  • Products We Can Be Proud Of

    Plastic is cheap, convenient and versatile. So much so that we are producing nearly 300 million tons of it every year, according to recent figures on PlasticOceans.org. Half of this mountain of plastic is for a single use. Staggering. It’s no surprise we've created a colossal environmental issue.