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Hello, we’re LoneKauri.com. We manufacture a range of natural, effective and responsible deodorants in a variety of scents that are suitable for the entire family. Lone Kauri Natural Deodorants contain no nasty chemicals and allow you to sweat naturally - while providing all day protection from odour.

As a company, we are concerned about the impact humans are having on our fragile land and marine ecosystems. We want a sustainable future, one where everyone thrives on a healthy planet.

Our products are designed to minimise environmental impact by employing brilliant recyclable and recycled materials, and by reducing product and packaging waste. However, we understand that sustainability should not compromise performance. At LoneKauri.com we include only the finest performing products in our range.

An Icon Under Threat
The name LoneKauri.com is inspired by Lone Kauri Road, an artery that winds down through native bush in Auckland's Waitakere Ranges. Lone Kauri Road concludes at Karekare Beach, a spectacular black sand surf beach made famous in Jane Campion's mysterious drama ‘The Piano’ in 1993.

While Lone Kauri Road holds special significance for the founders of LoneKauri.com, the name Lone Kauri is also intended as a symbol of a species under threat from human impact. The Kauri, NZ's largest tree, has been classified as nationally vulnerable by the Department of Conservation due to Kauri Dieback, an incurable, fatal disease. Dieback is solely soil-borne and the consensus among experts is that the predominant vector for the spread of the disease is human activity. The Kauri's plight is real but also mirrors countless other environmental impacts throughout the globe. 

1% of our sales go towards Kauri Tree conservation. Help us protect their fragile ecosystem.

Tane mahuta