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What is the best deodorant for men?

Men are generally considered sweatier and smellier than women. But do men really sweat more? The short answer is yes. Several research studies have demonstrated a higher sweat output in men, with some attributing a greater presence of testosterone to promoting a stronger sweat response. 

One study, published in the journal of Experimental Physiology in 2010, reviewed sweat rates and sweat gland activity in response to varying exercise intensity in 37 subjects. A variety of trained and untrained men and women were included in the research. The authors concluded that despite a similar number sweat glands activated during exercise, men sweat more heavily and at lower temperatures.

Despite an increased proclivity to sweat, men (in general), spend considerably less time on personal care. While females often agonise over their personal grooming, men have a reputation of being somewhat laissez faire when it comes to hygiene.

deodorant men

On the topic of deodorant or antiperspirant, what is the best deodorant for men? We often opt for a standard supermarket brand with little consideration for its ingredients or effectiveness. It might be Rexona with an All Blacks logo on the side, the overwhelming aroma of Lynx body spray, Nivea for Men, Dove Men's deodorants, or, if you are more old school you might reach for Old Spice or Brut. Men typically apply copious volumes of deodorant, several times a day, to stop excess sweating and mask the strength of our body odour.

Adoption of healthy, natural deodorants skews female, with less men considering it as a viable alternative. Perhaps men are concerned about the amount they sweat, or the ability of a natural alternative to mask body odour at times of peak sweat. At Lone Kauri, we would argue that men should spend a little more time considering the best deodorant.

what is the best deodorant for men?

As a heavily sweating male, I thought I would share my experience with natural deodorants.

Prior to developing Lone Kauri Natural Deodorants, I spent years using generous amounts of anti perspirant sprays to avoid body odour. Later, I  switched to roll on, applying product several times a day - morning, post exercise, and often after an important (stressful) business meeting. 

While the deodorants and anti perspirants seemed to mask my natural odour - my clothing would consistently develop unsightly hard white patches under the armpits. Even though sweat itself is clear and odourless, the chemicals in the anti-perspirants bond with proteins in sweat to cause a tacky white film which can accumulate over time. You can read more about the science behind armpit stains in an earlier article we wrote here

Try as I might, it was difficult to remove the stains and the associated smell. Eventually, the shirts would get manky enough that they had to be binned. 

I am pleased to say that since I started using a natural deodorant I have less sweat, less stains, no smelly shirts and I only need to apply deodorant once a day.

Natural deodorants contain no nasty chemicals such as aluminium - which is used to prevent sweat glands from opening to control excessive sweating. It might sound contradictory that I would sweat less without using these chemicals to block sweat glands.

Lone Kauri's products use skin-friendly ingredients that cut down on odour-causing bacteria that contributes to body odour. Arrowroot powder is one of the key ingredients. It contains a plethora of vitamins and minerals, such as zinc, iron, potassium and Vitamin B6 that will soften skin, enabling it to absorb moisture and it keeps odours to a minimum. Arrowroot powder is complemented by ingredients like coconut oil and baking soda, which have anti-bacterial properties.

Perhaps men fear that a natural deodorant might be a little feminine smelling? Nowadays, there are a broad range of scents available on the market for men and women. At Lone Kauri we offer a deep, woody sandalwood scent, a citrus burst, or the earthy tones of manuka to complement your everyday aroma.

Come on guys, try out the best deodorant today!


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