• The Best New Zealand Beaches to Visit this Winter

    It's Mid-June. We’ve just been hit by a polar blast and there is another dose just around the corner. Winter has only just begun, but the days are gloomily short, and summer at the beach seems but a distant memory. How will we survive the next six months cooped up indoors until the mercury begins to rise...
  • Surfing: Seven of the Best Right-Handers in NZ

    As I’m sure most of you are aware, Aotearoa is the Māori name for New Zealand. The common translation is "the land of the long white cloud". But on occasion, you may hear surfers refer to Aotearoa with an alternative translation - the land of the long wide lefts. This is of course due to our island nation’s abundance of left-hand point breaks. NZ really is goofy foot heaven.
  • Products We Can Be Proud Of

    Plastic is cheap, convenient and versatile. So much so that we are producing nearly 300 million tons of it every year, according to recent figures on PlasticOceans.org. Half of this mountain of plastic is for a single use. Staggering. It’s no surprise we've created a colossal environmental issue.
  • Tane Mahuta “Lord Of The Forest”

    The name Lone Kauri is inspired by Lone Kauri Road, an artery that winds down through native bush in Auckland's Waitakere Ranges. Lone Kauri Road concludes at Karekare Beach, a spectacular black sand surf beach made famous in Jane Campion's mysterious drama ‘The Piano’ in 1993.