Organic Facial Moisturiser

Rose & Holy Basil Facial Moisturiser

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The perfect moisturiser after a long day at the beach or in the sun. .essonė. moisturiser contains powerful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, promoting restorative hydration, defending your skin from free radical damage & melting into the skin leaving it instantly soft & clear. The rose & holy basil facial moisturiser is formulated from a nutrient-rich synergy of organic botanicals.

Most skincare products include water as their first ingredient. This results in drying out of the skin, and also dilutes active ingredients meant to be restorative and moisturising. essonė products do not use water - to keep it simple, pure and beneficial for your skin. 

Ingredients are direct from the source & harvested mindfully and sustainably.
Ingredients: Shea butter, oils of camellia, argan, jojoba, sea buckthorn fruit, beeswax, oils of coconut, vitamin e, rose geranium, ylang ylang & holy basil.   


  • Organic
  • Defends your skin from free radical damage
  • Promotes restorative hydration
  • Made in New Zealand