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Plastic is cheap, convenient and versatile. So much so that we are producing nearly 300 million tons of it every year, according to recent figures on Half of this mountain of plastic is for a single use. Staggering. It’s no surprise we've created a colossal environmental issue.

Over 8 million tons of plastic waste ends up in our oceans every year. A recent Foresight Future of the Sea Report commission by the UK Government warned that plastics in the world’s oceans could treble in the next 10 years unless there is significant and serious action. Increasing prevalent are images of marine life entangled in plastic or succumbing to smaller fragments known as microplastics. Microplastics are recognised as one of the most prevalent pollutants in marine environments. 

Consider a few more stats from Annually, 500 billion plastic bags are used, with an average “working life” of just 15 minutes. Our disposable lifestyle is out of control. Over 40% of total plastic usage is in Packaging. By far the largest end-use market segment.

At Lone Kauri, we want to make a difference. We are concerned about the impact humans are having on our fragile land and marine ecosystems. We want a sustainable future, one where everyone thrives on a healthy planet.

All of our products are hand selected to ensure they minimise environmental impact by employing brilliant natural, biodegradable or recycled materials, and by minimising product and packaging waste. However, we understand that sustainability should not compromise performance. At we hand select only the finest performing products to include in our range.

We are proud to partner with innovative brands that work hard to protect our planet. Many of our partners directly contribute funds to charities that help conserve our fragile ecosystem.


 Whale Bay, Raglan

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