4 pack Surf Organic Surf Wax

Surf Organic Wax 4 Pack Cool

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One pack of surf wax won't get you through the season. Grab four blocks of Surf Organic Wax at a discount price today so you don't run out.

Surf Organic Wax provides the perfect balance between eco-friendly ingredients and high-performance surfing. When you are out in the waves you cannot afford to compromise on quality and now you don’t need to. Surf Organic sustainable soy-based wax is naturally softer and stickier and provides the ultimate in traction.

Surf Organic Wax was created in 2011 after the company’s founders discovered just how toxic petrochemical-based wax recipes are and sought to develop an eco-friendlier alternative. The product uses 100% organic coconut essential oils with no artificial scents whatsoever.  

Surf Organic maintains a strong environmental focus with a strict no plastic policy and the use of 100% recycled materials for their product packaging.