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Tail Pads - Surf Organic

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Surf Organic surfboard tail pads provide premium grip and feature diamond groove patterns, arch bars and steep kickers for optimum performance.

Surf Organic also pride themselves on being eco-friendly and reducing waste. Tail pads are constructed from recycled EVA foam and the company employs a zero plastic policy. Products are packaged with 100% recycled cardboard and the manufacturing process involves the recycling and reprocessing of EVA offcuts which would usually end up as landfill.

Traction pads are available in Maroon, Black or Green.


  • Eco–friendly
  • Zero plastic policy
  • Only recycled packaging materials
  • Reduced waste
  • No performance compromised

Surf Organic is a member of the 1% For The Planet Foundation whereby 1% of profits are donated to environmental charities. The company is also a supporter of the Surfrider Foundation, a not-for-profit sea roots organisation dedicated to the protection of waves and beaches across the globe through Conservation, Activation, Research and Education.