Natural sunblock

Natural Sunblock - SPF30 Shea Butter & Chamomile

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Only three out of 10 sunscreens tested in a recent Consumer NZ study met their SPF label claim and the requirements for broad-spectrum protection. .essone natural sunblock was one of these three top-rated brands!

Protect your skin from the sun this summer with .essonė. dual-action organic sunscreen made right here in New Zealand. Create from luxurious organic botanicals .essonė. will defend your skin from photo ageing & dehydration with its powerful anti-oxidants & phytonutrients.

A natural filter of SPF 30 and uva/uvb broad-spectrum protection is provided via non-whitening zinc oxide (active ingredient) and the product is tested using the combined Australia / New Zealand sunscreen evaluation and classification standard AS/NZS 2604 - so you know it works!

Most skincare products include water as their first ingredient. This results in drying out of the skin, and also dilutes active ingredients meant to be restorative and moisturising. essonė products do not use water - to keep it simple, pure and beneficial for your skin. 

Ingredients are direct from the source & harvested mindfully and sustainably.
Ingredients: jojoba oil, shea butter, beeswax, oils of avocado, coconut, argan, vitamin e, vanilla, raspberry seed, ylang ylang & chamomile. 


  • Natural sunblock
  • Reduce early ageing and dehydration
  • SPF 30 and uva/uvb broad-spectrum protection
  • Made in New Zealand!

Apply evenly to face & exposed neckline 30 minutes prior to sun exposure. Re-apply every 2 hours and after swimming or sweating.