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Five Oceans ecoFin Thruster Double Plug

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The Five-Oceans ecoFin surfboard fins are proof that eco-friendliness and performance can coexist! The ecoFin is the world’s first surfboard fin created using recycled waste (from Indonesia) and is constructed to the highest quality to satisfy surfers throughout the planet.

The ecoFin offers the perfect stiffness for small to medium height waves and varied board types and presents a solid flex in the base for controlled drive and a responsive tip flex to accelerate your turns. What’s more, it is lighter than comparable fins on the market!

Not only does the ecoFin perform superbly, it also provides a symbol for change. Waste in Indonesia is a significant issue. Five Ocean’s transparent supply chain includes rubbish from Bali’s beaches. Over 100 bottle caps go into one set of ecoFins! Purchasing ecoFins means that you are participating in a global movement to save our oceans.

Key Features:

  • Super light all-rounder with absolute strength and great flex for surfers of all levels!
  • Made with post-consumer waste 
  • Reinforced with performance glass fibre
  • Significantly lighter than comparable models
  • Well-balanced template for quick response
  • Solid base for controlled drive
  • Flat inside foils for stable manoeuvres
  • Responsive tip flex to accelerate your turns
  • Weight 58g
  • Dimensions: base 111mm / depth 113mm / sweep 34° / area 9554 mm^2

Five Oceans support environmental and surf related organisations through their 1% for the Planet commitment.