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Eco-friendly Toothbrush
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Eco-friendly Toothbrush – Ecobrush Soft, Painted Handle (Box of 12)

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Replace your plastic toothbrush with a biodegradable, sustainable eco-friendly toothbrush!

The beautiful Ecobrush is made from organic, renewable bamboo with a colourful painted handle that will biodegrade entirely simply by removing the bristles and disposing of it in your compost, garden or general waste.

The eco-friendly toothbrush is made by dentists and uses soft nylon bristles, ensuring a product that is good for your teeth and gums. The bristles are non-biodegradable, as the product needs to maintain your dental health as well as the environment.

For every toothbrush purchased, the Ecobrush creators – Do Gooder – will donate one to a child who has no toothbrush.

The Ecobrush comes in a mixed pack of blue, white, yellow, red, black and green bristles with individual boxes and a large outer box.


  • Made from organic, renewable bamboo
  • Soft nylon bristles for optimum dental health
  • Box of 12 assorted colours