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Bodyboard Leash Bicep 7mm Coiled - Smart Leash Company

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Often when you break your bodyboard leash, you are left with a range of perfectly good velcro components that end up thrown in the bin and sent to landfill. With Smart Leash, this is no longer the case.

Smart Leash Company products are designed with a minimalist ethos and allow you to swap out and replace broken parts of your existing leash with brand new premium parts! Not only can you save money and reduce waste by purchasing just the leash parts you need, but Smart Leash components are also 100% interchangeable with those of other major brands to give your old leash extra life.

Our bodyboard leashes use premium quality parts including the highest-grade urethane for maximum strength, flexibility and durability; 3/32" hex grub screws that are 100% compatible with fin keys worldwide; stainless steel double swivels on all complete leashes; and super strong hook and loop fastening (eg Velcro) for trusted strength and reliability.

Leash available with a 7mm coiled urethane cord. 

Individual components such as urethane replacement cords, grub screws, and biceps cuffs are also available for purchase through Contact us for details.

  • Highest-grade 7mm coiled urethane cord 
  • Premium strength hook and loop fastening (velcro)
  • Double stainless steel swivels 
  • Premium lightweight neoprene bicep cuff 
  • Premium rail saver
  • 3/32" hex grub screws for universal interchangeability
  • White quick release pull tab
  • Plug with leash string

Smart Leash Co. is a member of 1% for the Planet and gives 1% of sales to non-profit organisations dedicated to protecting the environment.