Cork Tailpads: Traction, Comfort and Durability

EcoPro cork traction pads are the first 100% cork traction pad and the most eco-friendly traction pad of the surf industry. This innovative new product is the brainchild of Ruben Verdadeiro, executive director at Bewater Adapt, a surfer for over 30 years and artist. The traction pads were recently selected as one of the top 50 finalists in the 2018 ISPO BrandNew Awards at ISPO Munich. The awards distinguish the most promising new companies in the sports industry.

Cork is an impermeable, buoyant material and is extremely versatile. The ecoPro product is 100% natural, lightweight, biodegradable, reusable and recyclable.  Equally important, it combines traction, comfort and durability for a superior feel on your board.

The outer bark of the cork oak tree is harvested for commercial use, a tree that is endemic to Northwest Africa and Southwest Europe. Of the 2.2 million hectares of cork forest worldwide, 34% are located in Portugal, the birthplace of the ecoPro traction pad, with a further 27% in Spain. Portugal produces half of the worldwide cork harvest each year.

The cork industry is considered environmentally friendly. The bark from a cork oak regenerates over the course of its lifetime of approximately 300 years and can be stripped every nine years from about 25 years of age. The cork tree is not cut down to obtain the cork. Sustainability of production and easy recycling are two distinct aspects of cork products. Cork forests also provide refuge for several endangered species such as the Iberian Eagle and Iberian Lynx.

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